Water Quality Lab

As an integral part of the District’s overall scope of delivering the highest quality drinking water while sustaining and protecting the Weber River watershed ,the District has housed, operated, and managed the Weber Basin Water Quality Laboratory (WBWQL) since 1987. The WBWQL is a Utah State certified laboratory meeting all National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference (NELAC) requirements. The laboratory uses certified methods to produce scientifically defensible analytical data for the District, stakeholders, federal, state, public water systems, and private clients.

The District employs a complete laboratory staff comprised of a Laboratory Director, a Quality Assurance Officer, and three Chemists. The Laboratory Director is responsible for the administrative oversight and overall operation of the laboratory. The Quality Assurance Officer is responsible for ensuring data quality requirements are met. Chemists must have knowledge of basic analytical methods, materials, and techniques used in laboratory procedures relating to water quality testing. All personnel have the necessary education, training, technical knowledge, and experience for their assigned functions and are responsible for complying with all quality assurance requirements that pertain to their responsibilities.

The WBWQL supports the District in a variety of ways. Primarily, the laboratory provides routine analysis of treated surface and ground water samples required for regulatory compliance. These analyses include organic and inorganic analytes, metals, and microbial analysis. In addition, the laboratory collects watershed samples to monitor water quality parameters. Routine monitoring of the watershed, treatment plants, and culinary distribution systems provide the District with understanding and awareness of watershed conditions and concerns. Furthermore, the laboratory supports the District, stakeholders, and partners by participating in voluntary and new regulatory monitoring programs. Analytical results acquired from these monitoring efforts are a very important tool use in water treatment and watershed management.


Other Information

Accreditation Information
The WBWQL maintains a National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation by meeting all requirements to qualify for certification under the Utah rule R444-14. This rule applies to all laboratories that analyze samples for compliance with Federal Safe Drinking Water Act, Federal Clean Water Act, and the Federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.
Services Offered
If you would like to test your water, please visit the Weber Basin Laboratory for collection bottles and sampling instructions. We are located at 2837 East Highway 193, Layton, Utah.
Laboratory hours:
Monday - Thursday 7:30AM-4:30PM
Friday 7:30AM-3:30PM
Lunch Hours: 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM
Bacteriological samples are accepted Monday to Thursday, 8:00AM–3:00PM. Please note that samples will not be accepted later than 2 days before holidays see additional information below for affected holidays.
Services and Pricing (For Utility and Private Customers)
Recommended Water Quality Analysis
For Wells and Springs
Click below to see a list of contaminants the health department may require for new wells or springs to be tested for prior to use. Check with your local health department for their exact requirements. Pricing is listed for each analysis the Weber Basin Laboratory is certified to run.
Other Resource Contacts
Davis County Health Department 801.525.5128
Weber-Morgan County Health Department 801.399.7100
Summit County Health Department 435.333.1500
Utah State Laboratory 801.262.7299
Utah Division of Drinking Water 801.536.4200
Quagga Mussels
The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and WBWCD take this invasive species very seriously. Please find below a link to their presentation.